Wisdom of the Week 9 – Charles Swindoll


Hello friends and welcome back to this WOTW in which we discuss a quote of the famous pastor, Charles Swindoll.

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

So the mentality that this quote creates is one of my absolute favorite mindsets to inhabit. It’s basically a perfectly succinct summation of Stoicism. It’s really just the realisation that life is really not all that big a deal. No matter what happens, you will be ok; and so I, and this quote, advocate that you stop worrying about it and decide to have a fun time.

Already I can hear the cacophony of calls, “Well that’s good and all for you, but how exactly do you stop caring? It’s not that easy.” To that, I would say, yes it is. And here’s how:

  • Realise that you are valuable. You are a human being, capable of unique thoughts and insight; you have a wealth of life experience to apply to any situation that presents itself to you; and you have a healthy body capable of realising those ideas.
  • Realise that you are capable. You’ve gotten pretty good at living so far. You’ve been sick, and you pushed past it; mom left you alone that one time, and yet you still made that macaroni even if it was a bit watery. Living in today’s world is easy. Humans are better at it than we’ve ever been in history. You will be ok.
  • Realise that you have the epic power of options. Using the previous two concepts, realise that you can do literally whatever you want. This is the magical power that becoming an adult has granted us. When you were a kid, you had dreamed up all of these adventures that you would go on in your head; now you can actually do them! It’s as simple as starting to walk. People are generally kind, giving human beings. You’ll make friends and find help along your way. All you have to do is begin. Just start walking, realise your value, give that value to everyone you meet, and they will give it back. You are NOT boxed into the monotonous milieu of your everyday routine.

To conclude, your life is absolutely how you choose to perceive it. You can be living your personal  heaven, or your personal hell. Decide to assume the mindset of options, of abundance, of a winner; and shed the shackles of your negativity. Nothing is a big deal in the end. Decide to enjoy it all, because you’re here to enjoy it. The facile (easy) and the difficile (difficult); it’s all beautiful.

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