May Peace Be With You

May Peace be with You

You see me and I see you. I am wearing a bright blue summer dress touching the ground (which is my favourite colour by the way) with a jeans jacket. On top of my head, I am wearing three coloured hijab caps (bright blue, deep mauve, and white) along with a floral blue, purple, and Read More

How To Become Your Ideal Self

How To Become Your Ideal Self

“Just be yourself” Last week, I had posted a video about How to Date in High School. One of the most recurring comments I had received was that you shouldn’t worry about all of these details in dating, but rather you should just, “be yourself”. Malarkey. Being yourself is great. As long as you are Read More

Am I A Leader?

Can My Personality Type Be A Leader?

How many of us have asked ourselves this question? Often as I read about what people call a leader, I would start to think that I do not have any of those traits. Lately, I have watched what appears to be a debate in which everyone is expounding upon their idea of which personality traits Read More

How To Date In High School

How To Date In High School

  I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that I wish I knew in high school lately. I’ve come up with a ton of ideas that I will be sharing with you guys in the coming weeks, but the most prominent thought that came into my head was that of girls and dating. Dating Read More

Hijab on the beach

Hijab, Niqab, and Burqa…Say What?

Hijab, Niqab, and Burka: Say What? “Hijab, niqab, burka, It sounds like some sort of exotic food.” As I ponder upon this question myself, I think about the different ways I may be perceived as a young women walking around in the state. I often wonder about my hijab, being the pride and joy of Read More