This book takes an approach to life that many people will have never heard expressed before. The human driving forces that cause us to excel, or which cause us to get in our own way, are things we can understand and apply to our lives. Becoming a great leader starts with understanding internal things about how we work as people; how we become the most effective version of ourselves; and then how we apply that knowledge to impact our surroundings. The author outlines how leadership is the innate quality that people see in an individual which displays that an individual has the ability to grow themselves and take others along with them.

This book speaks on a very insightful level using an extremely rational approach to self-empowerment. The use of the author’s life examples are very inspirational and motivational, but it does not stop there. If you have read other books about self-empowerment and found them leaving you hyped for life but lacking any actionable processes which you can apply to your life, this is the book for you.

The author’s focuses on processes that are used to systematically become the best version of ourselves. This book is not for everyone. Read this book if you desire real self-improvement. Use it as a guide to becoming a leader by understanding the human driving forces which make us great, while optimizing the areas which cause us to fall short.

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Print Book: Inner Logic – Engineering Your Life

eBook: Inner Logic – Engineering Your Life

AudioBook: Inner Logic – Engineering Your Life