Engineering Your Life – Seven Day Quick Start Series

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The Life-Logic Video Workshop Series goes beyond what classical educational curricula offer by combining technical knowledge from life-sciences, computer science and psychology with organizational behavior, business management and leadership areas. The course presents a revolutionary approach towards leadership development and self-empowerment with a focus on STEM and other new traits needed in the technological age. It will help you proactively design your life path and engineer the best version of yourself. 


Create the best version of yourself using Life Logic presented in a convenient new format…a Quick Start Video Series.




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Our Revolutionary Approach Covers Six Key Categories Like No Other Program:

Personal Life Transitions

As you’re leaving your university and approaching the marketplace with your newfound skills, the transition can take a toll. Our Life Engineering program gives you all of the knowledge you need in order to optimize yourself in this transition point, and achieve the greatest success you’re capable of. Many people in this phase of life do not know what groundwork to lay. How did the people who are successful in our world today set up and establish themselves? What things have people tried which have been the greatest successes/failures? Anyone and everyone will transition, but let us help make yours the most successful possible.

Self Empowerment

Most people go about their lives allowing life to live them. Life Engineering gives you the tools that will teach you to live life. Life-logic will teach you how to determine your purpose, how to plan the path that will carry you there, how to actively enjoy your journey, and much more.

Learning to live on purpose will teach you to conquer depression, regain that sense of child-like wonder in your life, and follow the path that will carry you to your dreams.

This active approach to life is one you will not find from other life coaches. It was acquired over a collective lifetime of learning the secrets of success from CEO’s and top executives world over

Leadership Development & Branding

As you move out of the academic world and into the professional, you will find that leadership skills will set you apart from your peers come promotion time. Leadership is more than just being the best at your job. Leadership is the ability to influence others to achieve the greatest possible cohesion and output.

The Life-Logic Engineering Your Life Quick Start Program will give you the knowledge that the greatest leaders in history have been privy to. You will learn to motivate teams of people by working past where you are; giving purpose to those under your leadership.

This will allow you to become the shining star of your company by building the next era’s greatest qualifier, your social influence.

Positive Mindset

Living on Purpose entails learning about how you work, and then optimizing yourself with that knowledge. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as your enter your mid-twenties is failure. Conversely, one of the biggest indications of future success is failing fast, failing often, and growing from those failures. Our Life-Logic Program will teach you how step outside of yourself and react positively to negative situations, capitalizing on your personal development and skyrocketing you ahead of your peers.

Life Design/Optimization

The first step towards living life instead of letting life live you is actively designing the way you live. The Life Logic program teaches you how to establish your life using a systems engineering perspective. You will engineer processes into your life designed to optimize the way YOU work, enhancing your time management, creativity, productivity, and your positivity. These processes are designed to free up your cognitive capabilities in order to focus on creating and producing, instead of your daily routine. As you follow these metric focused processes, you will find yourself continually progressing along the path you’ve determined; establishing the momentum that will drive you to the heights of success.

Organizational & Cultural Diversity

Our program will also help you develop a culture that excels when dealing with organizational and cultural diversity – an increasingly important trait in today’s globalized workplace. Our community outreach is about helping to build such awareness, supporting individual growth, and building communities which help motivated individuals succeed. The most successful people have adopted careers in technology.

Travel and exploration is the desire of so many of the community focused individuals. We are about supporting one another not only in social interaction, but bringing that into the real world with resources & connection sharing.



You will learn to:

Understanding life-cycles and how success is reproducible

How people perceive time and life phases

Evaluating the self-defining flaws which create our personality

Overcoming mental blocks, and optimizing human logic and thought patterns

Adjusting mindset using the lengths of our thoughts

Determining a path for your life

Establishing processes that lead us to success

Enjoying the steps on our path to success

Thriving in the low points of our lives

Optimizing yourself using Life-Engineering tool

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