Starting a Local Logic Central Chapter


We are opening up a community event in your area, and we are looking for individuals to start local chapters. If you are reading this and our content and message has been inspiring to you, consider forming a chapter in your local area.

canstockphoto10179547Our  purpose is to teach communities to proactively become the best versions of themselves by valuing technology and rational, mindful thinking. LCO is already engaging thousands of new technology era professionals, our online podcasts are reaching thousands of people worldwide with each episode. Our Life-Logic Curriculum is being evaluated at nearly 50 Universities, a number which is growing each week.

What is attracting people to our community?

  • LCO has a humanitarian vision and our purpose is to have a positive effect on the world.
  • Association with like minded people and other life coaches.
  • Our chapter support will help you with guidance on how to get started and hold your first event; our platform makes creating new chapters a turnkey process.
  • LCO has resources, and platforms for you to be plugged in immediately with recognition by our global community.
  • We offer community founders a tested business model and immediate income generation capability.
  • As a local chapter you will have a direct link to our worldwide movement.
  • Chapter leaders will be featured on our global podcasts, and be invited to a founders only event held yearly by LCO.
  • It is a great time to get onboard as the LCO community is still in an early adoption phase. Each of you will contribute to the next era of thought leadership.
  • Get in now; you’re on the ground floor of a movement that is expanding everywhere.

It is exciting to see the engagement of the newest generation of socially conscious people. We have the platform to build your success as you begin your own Logic Central Chapter. LCO training material and community support for each chapter makes each one a turnkey success. Become the leader of the next generation by aligning with a global organization committed to making individuals the best version of themselves.

Our world is changing.

LCO wants to empower every member with the knowledge necessary to take control of their own destiny. Recent events show us that we cannot blindly leave all of the power in closed, secretive organizations; but rather distribute control over our own lives to ourselves. Our community outreach is about helping to build such awareness, supporting individual growth, and building communities which help motivated individuals succeed.

The most successful people have adopted careers in technology. We are about supporting one another not only in social interaction, but bringing that into the real world with resources & connection sharing which leads to business expansion.  Our Logic Central Chapters are a perfect fit for any local coworking, entrepreneur groups, university outreaches, leadership centers, or local activity centers. We are not in competition with anyone, but rather a conduit to grow existing networks by sharing and promoting each other.

Travel and exploration is the desire of so many of the community focused individuals. We need connections with likeminded people wherever we migrate to. Find a chapter when you travel to a new location and make immediate connections. Logic Central Online is this new connection point; as locations grow, community members will be kept updated where they can engage with new local chapters.


The generation entering the workforce today has grown up on technology, at the earliest ages we had our first touch devices. The technological age is ingrained in us and is here to stay. To ignore the fact that the most valuable traits have changed is blindly denying the obvious trend all around us. But that is exactly what many traditional leadership and management institutions are doing. What worked in the world just a few years ago is not the same as what is most effective in the technological age. We need to wake up and realize that leadership will not always be the same. We do not treat leadership the same as humanity did before we found out the world was not flat. People in the technological age are now self-aware on a conscious level that has not existed in the history of humanity. A fitting quote “Once a mind has expanded by a thought, there is no way to return it to its original form”.  We need to stop trying to lead this new era as if we are still the workforce of past. The more those in leadership roles hold on to past leadership practices, the more they distance themselves from progressive members in their teams. Don’t make the mistake of not moving forward; join the new revolution.

Step by Step – What is required to form a local Logic Central Chapter:

  1. Let us know what geographical area you would like to cover so we can verify that multiple chapters are not covering the same area. Assignment will be a first-come canstockphoto1761934basis.
  2. Submit solutions for the following chapter startup requirements:
    1. Come up with 5 people that would fill the roll of  a local community leader who would be willing to speak at your events and represent your chapter as an LCO podcast guest.
    2. Provide a list of 3 possible venues or locations where you can hold meetings.
    3. Locate 3 sponsors that would be willing to sponsor event costs in the range of ($250 – $1000) each.
    4. A plan for creating a positive community mindset.
    5. Your group governance charter including ground rules, covenants and any areas where you feel need addressed during group foundation.
    6. A plan for situations and exciting events you intend to implement for your community.
    7. Write a blog –  Your reasons for starting and how you align with LCO principles.
    8. A report of your current media reach and local approach to media outreach.
    9. Demonstrate that you have created and maintain a local LCO social media group (Meetup or Facebook recommended).
  3. Chapter leader must be a Certified Life-Logic Trainer and have one backup person which is either a Certified Life-Logic Trainer or has at a minimum has begun the Certified Life-Logic Trainer certification process.

Becoming the founder of  a Logic Central Local Chapter will provide you with support from a global reach organization with readily available training material, media reach and promotional mediums; answers to questions from celebrity life coaches and highly focused industry experts; and a network of mentors with global reach and influence.

Contact our Chapter Management team at or call us at: (669) 224-5430