Certified Life-Logic Trainer


Become certified as a Life-Logic Trainer!

LCO is expanding at rates that we cannot keep up with and we are hiring Life-Logic Life coaches and speakers in cities everywhere. Community-minded people are engaging everywhere, and the hunger for a rational exploration of life and the world around us is growing like never before. Whether you are looking for a career helping to better humanity, or just want to augment your income by teaching an occasional Life-Logic Workshop at local companies, universities, or community centers; we want you. If you are a socially conscious, rational person looking to get into a movement which is exploding across the globe, join us in making the world a more mindful place.


What does it take to become certified as a Life-Logic Trainer?

Life-Logic Certified Trainer Candidates need to be passionate about helping others. We don’t need the most hyper, loud, or the people with the largest networks, but someone who understands the value in the traits needed for the technological age. The Ideal Life-Logic Coach is someone who is a natural thinker and enjoys contributing to the world community by being a thought leader. We want those who are continuously pushing the envelope to be better while also assisting others on their own journey.

Here are the steps required to be Certified as Life-Logic Trainer:

  • Attend our virtual training academy, and complete and turn in all exercises in the virtual training program.
  • Complete the testing phase which consists of either 5 sessions with a master Life-Logic Coach or attend one of our Certification Seminars.
  • Then, either schedule a Board Examination process, or pass our exam.

We want those who can adapt our processes to their own lives and experiences. Each candidate is required to be competent in, and will be evaluated in the following Life-Logic practice areas:

  1. Perspectives and People canstockphoto19355227
  2. Thought Length Hierarchy
  3. Human Logic Patterns and Biological Triggers
  4. Defining Life Vision and Paths
  5. Working Past Where You Are
  6. Enjoying the Processes that Lead to Success
  7. Life Engineering Concepts

The only other requirement is to further the state art in one of our practice areas. Each of our certified trainers are also experts who add to our body of knowledge. We will need one experience from your life that adds to our communities effectiveness. Its that easy, just by gaining life changing knowledge and relating how you can help others with the same knowledge, you will be on the way to a great career coaching and training others. Our community comes with the responsibility of continuously training the next generation in an ever changing world. So continuing to add to the body of knowledge is the responsibility of each Certified Life-Logic Trainer. The responsibility to our community means that Certification comes with continued education requirements on a bi-yearly timeframe while providing value-adding content to the body of knowledge on a yearly basis. Other trainers may choose to go down the Expert Branding path and make a constant growth to our community while making an expert name for themselves.


How does being Life-Logic Certified benefit me?

Most importantly to your life, when you become Certified as a Life-Logic Trainer you become part of the Logic Central team and are able to present Life logic workshops in your local community and get paid for your time. We enable you to run your own business scheduling, presenting as often as you like, designing your own schedule and controlling your own destiny. Additionally, LCO receives requests for live presenters all the time, and we use our local Life-Logic certified trainers to fill those requests. Thus, you also get the power of a global community and brand to support you in growing your own business. You will have a professional product offering, and the support of a trend-setting organization. Certified Life Logic Trainers will have access to presentation slides, visual aids, audio/video support, and exercise booklets for each of the following courses.

  • Life-Logic Workshops (Corporate or University Editions)Inner Logic - Engineering Your Life Seven Day Quick Start Series
  • Logical Approach to Marriage and Finding your Ideal Mate
  • Life-Logic Divorce Recovery Workshops
  • Mid-Life Couples Refocusing Workshop
  • Life-Logic Parenting Class
  • Bridging the Gap to Autistic or Logically Minded People Class
  • Career and Path Planning Workshop
  • Certified Life-Logic Trainer Seminar

Each certified trainer will have access to packets for each course on a per-seat pricing for each student in attendance. These costs are passed along to the sponsoring organization or attendee. LCO provides a world class experience for both our Certified Trainers and their clients.


We are looking for the best.

Corp_teambuildingThe new trend in young professionals is in global community awareness. Once you become a Certified Life-Logic Trainer, consider taking the next step and starting a local Logic Central Chapter. We are not looking for the world of our parents. The world has become flat once again, not geographically, but by the ability to everyone to connect with anyone. Prejudice, intolerance, bigotry, and unfounded hatred of past generations are soothed by our personal interaction with many cultures. We are only divided by physical space. We are now global citizens of the same humanity, connected in real time by our virtual world. Certified Logic Central Trainers are bringing a physical presence to our new virtual world in order to bridge the gap for our new technologically minded members.

Contact our Certification team at info@logiccentralonline.com or call us at: (669) 224-5430