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LifeLogicLogoIs your University seeking the latest Leadership program to address the shifting landscape of today’s world? The divide between Business leadership and technical practices is often a barrier that stifles many organizations. However education programs for business and technical fields are often entirely separate at most universities.

The need to get business practices and technical practices talking the same language has to start with understanding the same terminology, by using basic critical thinking that works for both sides of this divide. So often this entire burden is placed on the technical people that in many cases do not place great emphasis on communication, and thus the divide grows. Life-Logic Leadership curriculum is a tool for business and technical departments to get on the same page, speak the same language. University business departments can lead the way in the 21st century by bridging the communication gap with technical professions, while technical professions learn to adapt to the soft skills needed for the next era of business.

College students are more progressive thinking than ever, with the onset of computer assisted learning; this generation is becoming adept at logical, and systematic thinking beyond that which classical education curricula address.StudentHappywithDegreePath

The Logic Central Life-Logic Curriculum offers a new perspective which crosses knowledge of disparate practice areas such as life-sciences, psychology, and computer sciences and brings the latest cutting edge insight to the inner workings of the human mind. The Logic Central Curriculum is built from the founders book “Inner Logic – Engineering Your Life” but goes much further than that. The 300+ presentation slides include many more aspects of leadership and self-empowerment from organizational behavior, management, and leadership areas. Some of the key features which set this curriculum apart include:

  • Understanding life-cycles and how success is re-producible
  • Optimizing Organizational behavior to account for human driving forces
  • Self-evaluation, Social Interaction, and the perception of time
  • Overcoming mental blocks, and optimizing human logic and thought patterns
  • Adjusting one’s mindset using the lengths of our thoughts
  • Optimizing workforce by aligning employee compatibility
  • Determining a path for your life
  • Establishing processes that lead us to success
  • Enjoying the things on our path to success
  • Optimizing yourself using Engineering processes for life situations
  • Creating Vision and Path for organizations using human driving forces

The revolutionizing white paper “Creating Leadership Not Management” is a great reference to understand the Logic Central approach to leadership. It effectively conveys that Leadership is not a set of management skills, but the innate quality that people see in an individual which displays that an individual has the ability to grow themselves and take others along with them.

Life-Logic Curriculum also improves metrics for the University in nearly every measured area.


We are pleased to offer this training curriculum to elevate your student’s education to the levels required for the 21st century. For a free copy of curriculum and text book as well as personal support to evaluate the Logic Central curriculum at your university please fill out and submit your contact information in the form below.

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