Improving University Metrics


We at Logic Central Online are committed to bringing you the best quality curriculum to impact the change needed for college academic success. We have taken the time to speak to our university clients to assess exactly what is required from the applicant to the graduate:

  • Our university clients expressed that many students wrestle with the question of whether they are happy with

    Do you have problems with low matriculation, and high dropout rates for students at your university?

    their degree program or not, and if the cost of earning a degree is worth it.

  • One salient concern from our university clients is that they need programs to prepare students for significant life-transitions. This included entering college and joining the workforce upon earning their degree.
  • Many clients conveyed that with the student loan default rate on the rise, the employment rate for college graduates may be the single most important success metric for higher educational institutions.



Are you seeking ways for your admissions department to increase enrolment rates?

When the Life-Logic course is taken as the first course prior to their degree path selection, there is an increase in student persistence rates as well as improved satisfaction rates with their degree path. This impacts metrics for the University in nearly every measured area.

Students who engage in the Life-Logic course are taught self-awareness and critical thinking skills needed to rationally approach life in the 21st Century.

Our program provides universities the ability to match the right applicants to the right degree at the right time.

Are enrollment specialist asking the following questions about applicants:

Are the standards for the admissions process aligned with the right reasons for the best applicants?

  • Are they prepared for college?
  • Are they first-generation college students?
  • Are they organized?

Are they choosing the right degree path?

  • Does the applicant  have right information in order to select the degree?
  • Are they motivated about the subject?
  • Are they aware of their personal strengths and/or limitations?

Is this the right time for the applicant to succeed at persisting towards earning the degree?

  • Is the applicant committed to start and finish their degree program?
  • Is the applicant at the right stage of life to value an education?
  • Is the chosen path the best fit to enable success without program changes?
  • Are there any barriers that may affect this applicant to start immediately?

StudentHappywithDegreePathOur program focuses on self-awareness and leadership skills that are so often deficient in young people today. Life-Logic curriculum is the answer to address high dropout and low matriculation rates. Creating quality enrolment trends is key to improving the metrics in which universities find themselves falling short.


Support Educational institution performance metrics:

Persistence: Life-Logic empowers students to commit their decision to their chosen degree program by providing:

  • The skills needed to properly complete self-assessment of the students’ independent interest.
  • The ability to determine the right timing in a student’s life to begin their degree program.

Enrolment Rates: Increases Admissions advisor enrollment rates by as much as 80%

  • Gives sales focused admissions advisors the tools to assess students interest and persistence rate of students.

Increasing the matriculation rates of students: Reduce the dropout rate after enrolment:

  • Train faculty to effectively communicate in order to increase student performance and academic success.
  • Give students the life skills to effectively meet the rigorous requirements of university program.
  • Increase student performance by providing organizational management skills, such as priority management.

Increase academic success of students, by motivating them to make a personal commitment towards academic success:

  • Provides students a sense of belonging by an understanding of how to identify within the campus settings or cohorts.
  • Provides the methods for faculty to inspire and motivate students to keep them motivated on a day to day basis so they don’t give up.
  • Teaches faculty to engage students to enjoyment of the learning process.


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