Fast Forward Feeling

Fast-forward Feelings The other day I got a new puppy for my girls. The proverbial problem arose immediately, one dog and two girls. If any of you have more than one child you know exactly the dynamic I am talking about. Why do we as people have to have our emotions addressed at the same Read More

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Expanding your thought capability

Expanding Thought Capability Often people have difficulty with being able to focus on a large in-depth topic for long enough to either completely understand the topic, or to completely frame the content to complete large tasks. One question was “I am interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. Read More


Too much at once

Especially at this time of year I hear people which are often disappointed in themselves. They have taken on several self-improvement processes, but think things are not progressing fast enough. It always amazes me how people want to improve so much that they hinder their process because of making themselves feel inadequate. I often have Read More

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