Recreating Positive Energy


Creating the feeling of positive energy is most important to working through plateaus that we all experience in life.

First, remember you are human; most of us treat ourselves worse than we ever would anyone around us. If we practiced our own self-talk on others, they would never want to be around us. You can never build positive energy with such self-talk. Instead, work on small things that make you feel accomplished today. Moving forward, improving your mindset or just making a good decision for your situation today makes you feel like you are accomplished. Feeling accomplished multiple days in a row feels like progress. Just saying that today is better than yesterday can be enough to build the positive energy needed to feel progress. Spending time to balance your life today will also add positive energy.

Removing the influences of negative energy will also add positive energy. Make a commitment to excuse yourself from interactions with people who are hopeless about themselves, who are argumentative, or who have self-destructive behaviors. Choose more activities with people (even the same people) that are building, improving themselves, or grouping together for happy or exciting events. I have thousands of connections on social media, most of whom I know little about. People have often addressed something I do with a corrective or condescending comment. In the past, I tried to appease them by sending emails explaining myself, and I would feel rotten overall on those days. One day, after a few such interfaces back and forth with an individual, I stopped and stared at their profile and thought, “I have no idea who this person is, but I have let them give me a negative energy trend for three entire days now.”

I had recently read a message describing how LinkedIn had added a block contact function, and when I clicked on the name, there it was. As I reluctantly clicked my first block, my anxiety slid away. Why had I spent so much energy on this person I did not even know? Treat yourself to some respect. In my new, revised opinion, there is no reason to have anyone who reaches out through social media for any reason who is not positive to both parties. Since I have made this decision, I have greatly improved my own satisfaction and positive energy. Though online interaction is widespread, it is also the least personal. Don’t let these interactions give you one day of negative interaction.

In our day-to-day lives in the real world, we make decisions that affect our situations each day. These decisions then influence the people around you and your mindset at the time. People have often asked for examples of how they can make a positive choice in day-to-day situations. Some simple examples would be:

  • Choose to go on a short walk before having dessert.
  • Send somebody a short text of appreciation when you think of them.
  • Send happy birthday messages on facebook.
  • Plan a half hour each day to do something that you can make progress in and makes you a better person (Hobby).
  • Go sit somewhere in public for a half hour. We are social creatures; simply being around people will create positive energy.
  • Fulfill your nutritional needs.
  • Dance