Using Kinetic Processes to Break Logic Thought Stoppers


Pearlann PorterI had a wonderful conversation today with a new friend Pearl that we met  in New Orleans. Pearl’s work opened my eyes to a facet of work which I  usually do not take much to think about; but it is absolutely marvelous to helping people enjoy the processes in their life. This approach uses kinetics of dance in the same way which I often advocate the rewiring of human though patterns.

I often talk about how our minds develop logic patterns which stop us from thinking when a particular though sequence occurs. These patterns are the only way in which we can be programmed to act inadvertently by our parents, society or other outside influence, but are done so by the negative experiences we have in our lives which create them. The negative influence to their infliction also recalls a negative feeling when they are triggered later in life. These have extreme value for instance when you reach for something that appears to be red hot: your brain stops thinking and does not let you complete the logic kinetic sequence which would progress to touching the hot item.

We have these riddled throughout our brain. They are set up when we experience a fear-terror situation by the chemicals in our brain actually change our wiring of synopses. We learn to set new logic thought stoppers in our own mind as a self-programing sequence, as a progression of community training when we are younger. Many of these self-set logic thought stoppers do not have any real need and just serve to stop us from doing something where we received negative feedback the first time we attempted that item and presto……..the human brain learned to never even try it again. For many of us this is why we fail.

This work, done by Pearl mostly at the Space Upstairs in Pittsburgh, PA helps people to explore bodily restrictions to movement that they set up by creating logic thought stoppers within their own allowable motion pallet. Things that those people never try; because somewhere, they gained the belief linking those movements to inappropriateness or adverse societal expectations.

Similar to what I have seen in the awareness moments people have at breaking through a logic thought stopper by using my cognitive exercises; Pearl described these moments of release that people have which are sometimes accompanied by cathartic breakdowns. It was wonderful to hear how the feeling of working past preconceive notions of restriction to self, resonate in both the cognitive-logical and the kinetic-spiritual. I applaud the efforts and thank you for opening up my eyes to yet another use of self-awakening processes in life.