10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hijabies



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  1. It takes twice the amount of time to get ready.

Just because we are covered by a scarf, it doesn’t mean we are not supposed to look good. We pick an outfit, and then go through our laundry load of hijabs to find the one that matches. You add your hijab caps if you wear one (I wear three to be color coded) and pin your hijab to suit your stylish needs. So fellas, if you thought your girl took too long to get ready, think twice before complaining next time.

  1. We have an endless amount of pins that only the person living with us finds in the most dangerous places.

On couches, on the floor, on countertops, in the bathroom, pinned in other hijabs, and even in the car. We shed pins.

  1. I quote my husband on this “scarfs are more flipping expensive then regular clothes.”

Its an added fashion cost”. OK, so let me tell you this: once my husband was like “baby, I wanna buy you a Burburry scarf, they look so classy as headscarfs. He takes one look at the price tag (which said $498) and says: umm maybe well wait to go to Lebanon and ill buy you a fake burburry for like $10!

  1. Our clothes come with an AC system inside of them.

Jk, I wish. But we do get hot, like really hot, especially here in Florida, SO yes I do get hot, thank you for stating the obvious. But you get used to it after years of wearing it. It becomes very normal.

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  1. Its pretty embarrassing when you’re eating out and food falls in our scarf.

The person sitting with me has their inner consciousness eating at them: “Should I tell her or will this offend her,” kinda like when you have food in your teeth and the person you’re sitting with doesn’t want to tell you.

  1. We have hair, and its actually so flipping nice.

Ask any girl that’s seen a hijabi without her scarf. You would be surprised how healthy your hair is when you don’t use harsh chemicals on it on a daily basis.

  1. We have no room to store all of our scarfs.

Not enough drawers or closet space. You have to house all of your regular daily colours in an area, hijab caps in another, and dressy hijabs need a closed area to protect the glitter and silkiness. I wish there was a walk-in closet simply designated for your scarfs. It would be every hijabies dream come true.

  1. We do take it off when we come home.

And its actually very dramatic. As soon as we walk through the door, the hijab is thrown on the nearest table or chair. It’s the neat girls that take it off in their room and put everything away in its place. To relate it to my non-hijabi ladies, its kind of like when you come home from a long day at work or school and rip your skinny jeans off to jump into p-jays.

  1. Instead of feeling the wind in our hair, we feel it in our hijab.


Hijab on the beach


  1. We take pride in our hijab collection.

We have hijab fashion pages, pinterest accounts, online hijab stores, it’s a whole new hijabi world waiting for everyone to delve into!