Please, do Tell me Again Why I am Pathetic


LCODark_1400x1400Excuse the Sarcasm, but on occasion I run into an interface with people in my life that I feel compelled to share. Many interpersonal exchanges are positive but some, less so. I came into contact with a new individual in my life whom I connected with on Facebook; and instantly felt such negativity. They had posted screen capture pictures from countless people they considered to be extremely unattractive. Several of which had body posing pictures that were ridiculously machismo. Many of the conversations were shown to accent shallow behavior, grammatical slips & typos, or non-thoughtful topic content.

At first I did not understand why I had such a negative reaction to these pictures; after all, they were not of me. Why should I care? Then I took some time to think about why this negative feeling had occurred.

I have often expressed that we receive positive or negative energy from others around us; and its existence, we cannot often explain. When the outcome of a situation matches our anticipated result, or a sequence of events connects logical thoughts in a progressive sequence, we receive positive energy. The example I have often used is that if we see a bird flying upside down and we have no way to resolve what we saw, it leaves us uneasy. The situation would give us negative energy with the unresolved feelings. However, if we know that a mirror was giving us this illusion, we can just relax and the uneasy feelings are gone.

What happens when we feel a certain way and our logical conclusion is that a continued interface will keep us feeling in a negative way? When I think about enjoying the processes in life, positive energy is about how you feel at a given time; but also about how you remember feeling later or when the same situation appears.

In the situation with this new contact, each time my thoughts return to this person immediately bring up the feeling of public ridicule of people who are out of what they consider normal. What was happening in me was a continued return to a thought that I would find myself in a condition of ridicule at some point because this person has no problem doing it to others.

This anticipated return to a condition of undesired positioning made me associate negative energy with this person entirely. Though I admit that there could be many other reasons which compel someone to openly ridicule others; the thought of beginning such an interface with a feeling of negative energy seemed entirely pointless.

Don’t be the person that exhibits negativism to other you meet around you. If you are doing something that would slight another on purpose it will be entirely apparent to those around you. Remember, people will see your interactions with others; and if those are negative, they will default to associating you with negative experiences.