Life-Logic Workshops – New Product Release


LifeLogicWkshpWhat is Life-Logic? The only place where you learn processes on how to be effective in your life; not just a list of things to change about yourself. Find out why all of the other self-improvement seminar material and books are just sitting on your shelf not being used.

Good intentions and catch phrases on how to motivate people only get you through the two weeks after the seminar. But understanding the logic of how people tick is an awakening that will stick with you. It’s a systematic progression to self-awareness:

  • Understanding life-cycles, how success is re-producible
  • How people perceive time and life phases
  • Evaluating Self-defining flaws which create our personality
  • Overcoming mental blocks, optimizing human logic and thought patterns
  • Adjusting Mindset using the lengths of our thoughts
  • Determining a path for your life
  • Establishing processes that lead us to success
  • Enjoying the things on our path to success
  • Thriving in the low points of our lives
  • Optimizing yourself using Life-Engineering tools

Yes, this is a new approach to self-improvement. You can search high and low (as our founder did) seeking another resource for mindful, progressive, logical people to understand themselves; but will not find anything like it. This systematic workshop was designed from the concepts in our founders latest book, “Inner Logic – Engineering your life” to walk people through processes to create the best version of themselves. We have done the work for you and synthesized the most common processes used by the most successful individuals. Book our workshop to learn the tools you can use to engineer greatness into your life.


Now available for booking at your organization or company.

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