Growing a Community of Mindful People


LCODark_1400x1400What is Logic Central Online about? What is our vision? In short we are a community of mindful people who desire to understand why we take the actions we do in life. People who value deliberate life decision, take comfort in knowing we have the ability to control our own destiny, and understand why we have arrived in the life situations in which we find ourselves.

With the growing age of technology a larger and larger portion of the population is moving to fields which require deep contemplating and systematic thinkers. Because of this a new paradigm, a new set of skills is becoming predominant. We are learning to navigate the virtual logical world at earlier ages than ever, and it is rewiring the way our brains work. Compared to just a generation ago the average new member of society in much more in tune with logical sequences required for interfacing with computing devices.

Only time will tell what this new skill set provides to future generations as they reach adulthood, but one thing is for sure. We are becoming more logical and rational thinking as a society because of this skill-set. This generation’s thirst for knowledge is insatiable.  Fed by the internet’s instant gratification of knowledge fulfillment, we are empowered to learn and understand the logic of life wherever we are.

This new mindset of people seeks out objective, neutral, and candid information, which is absent political, propagandized, and/or biased opinions. History, science, technology, and philosophy web content are being absorbed and digested as fast as they are disseminated. But the social human interaction, self-improvement, and life guidance knowledge is difficult to fine except within the context of extreme biased, opinionated, and irrational providers. We say enough is enough!!! People cannot continue to blindly follow the most hyper, evangelical voices which build on fear, and illogical emotional triggers as the seed of their message.

Join us and help build this community, of rational logical approaches to self-improvement and self-awareness.  If you have a logical understand of how some aspect of life works, share it with us. Send us your content, comment on our post and podcasts. We are opening this platform up to you, your thoughts, and questions. Let us know the areas in life where logical advice and understanding are lacking and let’s see if we can explore them together.