From Incarceration to Entrepreneurship – A Second Chance


Anyone that says they never made a mistake in their life, is probably lying. Most important life lessons are a result of mistakes. Now, how many people actually pay a “fair price” for their mistakes as determined by society? One specific group of people that paid a “fair price” for their mistakes are those from within the Criminal Justice System that completed their court ordered sanctions and are released to rejoin the free world. If society is unwilling to accept such individuals and give them a second chance through conventional employment, then what are they expected to do?

In July 2015, the US President intervened with an Executive Order to allow individuals returning from incarceration to receive a second chance. The President urged the creation of support structures and resources that would enable them to survive their earlier mistakes and reintegrate into communities.


Phase 2 Advantage, a Savannah, GA based company is working towards a solution that involves training such individuals to be entrepreneurs and giving them the skills to effectively interact and correlate to the social and economic needs of a community. Their Second Chance Business and Entrepreneurship Training Program has a focus on the proper mindset, self-assessment and the communication skills necessary to make a smooth transition back into society.

Logic Central Online is a proud partner of Phase 2 Advantage and extends support for their cause.