Building a Cyber Security and Smart Energy Hub in Colorado Springs


The City of Colorado Springs has already established a name for itself within the US National Defense and Military circles.

Along with the headquarters of US Olympic Committee and state-of-the-art sports training facilities, this city is home to the US Air Force Academy, multiple Military Bases, and Defense & Space companies. “Missile Defense,” “Space Command” and “Cyber Resiliency” are the types of words you would hear in senior management level discussions in this community more than most other places in the nation, if not the whole world.

We at Logic Central Online, would like to propose the championing of an entrepreneurial hub in Colorado Springs with a focus on two key areas: Cyber Security Ecosystems and Smart Energy Infrastructure.


In today’s civilian and business world, cyber age is seamlessly integrating with mobile technologies and providing global connectivity at an unprecedented scale. However, the most important unanswered questions lie in the security and privacy domain. A 2015 CNBC survey finds that 82% of business leaders agree that mobile data privacy and security is a concern, with 41% believing that it is the most important technological influencer followed by cloud technology at 35%.

Hacks and theft of Intellectual Property are among the biggest issues in the cyber age for business and government entities alike. Recent hacks at Sony, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and US Government’s Office of Personnel Management have shown that even established entities in California and Washington DC are not safe. Colorado Springs is already taking initiatives to be at the forefront of cyber security, and building a suitable entrepreneurial community would be a naturally synergistic endeavor.

In the field of energy, the marriage of information and communication systems with the energy grid is creating a world of new opportunities for innovators, specifically in areas like Distributed Energy Technologies and Transactive Energy.

We need the best entrepreneurs, business and communities leaders, and investors to help build a suitable ecosystem that drives us towards a secure, sustainable and economically vibrant future.