Your Cheerfulness Shows the Generosity of Your Soul


Due to the recent tragic events of terror, I find myself thinking about the backlash this has had on Muslims. It is almost as if we are being attacked from every angle with the death of each innocent person around the world.

So how do I counteract this? How do I begin to bring positive energy from beneath all this evil and negativity?

The answer is this: smile.

May Peace Be With You

Umm what? Smile? What on earth is that going to do?


It is what you just read: smile.

There is a quote by Imam Ali, a great philosopher and leader in Islam who said, ”Your cheerfulness shows the generosity of your soul”.

Cheerfulness, happiness, the ability to smile in the face of strangers and those you know.

A simple smile can change my perspective on a person, now imagine the recipient of the smile who thinks you’re an evil perpetrator out to get them with your laser-pointer hijab?

I know it sounds crazy, but even walking out as a hijabi now-a-days has negative repercussions on my identity. So if I am happy and cheerful when I walk in through the door you held open for me, it shows that I am humble towards you, I am accepting your politeness.


Let the merriness of the holiday season fill your with cheerfulness, to the depth of your soul. Happy holidays from A Muslim Pearl in a Western Shell Podcast, and may your next few weeks be filled with blessings and positive vibes!