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We are building a place for the world’s most motivated, successful people to come together to create a generation of mindful individuals focused on becoming the most successful versions of themselves. It will link Corporate America, Higher Education, and the next generation of motivated employees in a triad of knowledge-sharing and networking. We intend your Logic Central Online account to become a gateway into the minds of the elite producers of the world. It will track your mindful contributions to a database of self-development knowledge, the real-world work you put into making yourself the best you can be, and the accomplishments you’ve achieved along that path; all while rewarding you for your effort with university scholarships and access to physical success clubs.

We all want to know that we can make a difference, but also what our support is doing. Where is the money going? To begin, we need to know what the ultimate Logic Central platform will look like. What are all the moving pieces, and which ones will be available right away and which will be developed over time. Our final vision is to have a platform Creating a Community Connecting Intrinsic Resources and Motivated Talent.

As the white paper articulates, we have identified that there is a lack of support for people who value thinking. Since the onset of mass marketing through the modern age of radio, television, and now the internet; the most powerful influences have benefited by influencing masses of people to act without thinking. The world’s greatest institutions have grown power through involuntary influence and control over people. The ability to trigger thousands of people to buy a cola each time a commercial is run is so common place to the human psyche that people alive today do not know any different.

When the most powerful institutions promote a particular mindset, that mindset will without doubt become the predominant mindset in human culture. We as a species have become influenced by this popular culture to value involuntary reactionary lifestyles to a point where often people who do think are ridiculed or sneered at as if they have acted inappropriately. We want to change that and provide an influence to popular culture which not only values thinking but provides incentives for those that do so.

The phased approach at the bottom shows each phase, and what you can expect to see as the project evolves. The first phase is developing the initial platform; which is where the crowd funding comes in. Any additional remaining funds will be rolled into Phase II where scholarship funding will begin to provide empowering funds to the first self-identified individual.

Who our community is linking

Making such a community platform requires building from several directions. The phases below will encompass three primary categories of users but also acknowledge that infinite possibilities exist which we leave open to a forth category of “everyone else”. Here are the categories of community members we will address:

The Education-Members are one of the central aspects of building a community to match talent and people. Our university outreach is already in full swing. We are now approaching over 30 universities and this number grows each week. You can help here also by identifying any universities which you may want to evaluate the Logic Central curriculum. Contact us if you work at a university or please reach out to us if you can place us in contact with new-content evaluators or curriculum selection teams. Look for the Logic Central Leadership Curriculum as early as this fall.

The Corporate-Members are the Companies, professional organizations, and independent services providers. These community segments are also needed to be engaged, because they are the portion who ultimately will have need for talented and motivated individuals. Please also reach out to us if you or your company would like to add value to individual employees and thus your entire organization. In this modern age we need to, “Creating Leadership Not Management” and the greatest organizations are realizing this today. Life-Logic trainers and the Logic Central approach is redefining the way we see the next generation of leaders.

The Talent-Members are the third portion of the community. They are the, “Everyone” aspect of the community. We are the people who have the greatest ideas, are the hardest working, and are exceptionally skilled. So often we do not have representation in the online world because we are information seekers and lone wolf high performers. Many of us have only believed that online communities support special, narrow minded interests. We may not have believed that any online community would have relevant value to us. We share similar views as those presented in the post, “I don’t Need a Social Network”. What we need is what this effort is providing; a reason to become involved. We need a way to link real world value to our online efforts.

The internet age has caused the Logic Central Talent-Members to emerge from the most isolated corners of the planet. We are so often socially, politically and geographically neutral. A great article written on Pax Vobiscum, “The Rise of The Grey Tribe” describing us as a Gray political party is right on the spot describing our governmental affiliation and self-sufficiency. Although we are a rapidly growing, silent majority; we are not represented by either of the major U. S. political parties because we are the target of both. We are the bread winners of our society; quietly, successfully, working alone.

The “Everyone-Else” portions of the community are endless. They are any real world items which can be used to validate or verify the motivation, value, or talent of a Talent-Member to the community. Contribution to the online body of knowledge on Logic Central is the beginning. Future possibilities could be, but are not limited to, any outside organization that tracks the performance of a verifiable life improvement or leadership activity. Some example categories may look as such:

  1. School communities, (i.e. NHS, PAJCL)
  2. Contributions to the public body of knowledge
  3. Open source collaboration
  4. Hours spent at a Health club or Gym
  5. Extra-Curriculars such as ROTC, Sports, Simulation, Mock-Trial, Y&G, etc.
  6. Community Service
  7. Traceable talent through awards
  8. Standardized testing Scores: ACT, SAT
  9. Online training certificates
  10. Social Network reach and influence
  11. Quantifiable time progressing oneself

This Everyone-Else category can take on many directions in addition to validating Talent-Members’ achievements. However, each should take on the approach of connecting the real and virtual worlds while incentivizing people to contribute in a mindful manner; matching people that “have” with people with the “desire or vision to perform”. We can envision pairing for the purpose of transferring knowledge, ideas, or resources, but the community is open to you; bring your ideas and help us refine this vision.

Check out the phases of our future efforts

Phase I – Tasks

– Create a Reddit-based platform that will track your mindful self-improvement.

Phase II – Tasks

– Add scholarship rewards for thoughtful engagement.

Phase III – Tasks

– Enable corporate members to contribute to incentive-funding accounts and collect data about our talented contributors.

Phase IV – Vision

– Connect many real world metrics to the Logic Central reward structure.

Phase V – Vision

– Build real-world success centers.