“I don’t need a social network”


SocialIconsNow a ’days it seems that a social network exists for everything. Is everyone so incompetent that they can’t seem to get it right without soliciting opinions and input from everyone else in the world? What about us competent, systematic people who just figure it out on our own? We can find the information when we need it, and now more than ever before. We can quietly address anything in life from behind screen without even using the keyboard; by reading and seeking what is the best for us.

We are the silent majority of intelligent and successful people; talking and opening up to others when we don’t have all the answers is so very uncomfortable that it makes us cringe. Guess what, we are the people that the world needs to hear from most. Recognizing that you don’t have all the answers is what makes you leadership material. Knowing that you can act confidently without requiring a consensus vote from all your peers is what sets you apart from the countless numbers of others who rely on outside insight to their decision making.

You are the voices that the world needs, the ones that need to start banding together, building influence in this new era’s social transformation. Though we are the majority of people that work hard, bear the largest part of the tax burden of society, have control of the dollar vote with our spending, and actively think about what we engage in and/or take part of with our lives; we don’t talk about it or tell everyone…… because we are too busy doing. We are the greatest, unrecognized, and underestimated force in society.

We cannot be classified as conservative or liberal, religious or agnostic, urban or rural. We are just logical, progressive thinkers who see the value in understanding the progression of life. We are the next generation of human traits taking over the future. We are the top percentage of earners in the corporate world and the quiet groups that enjoy the world without need for material possessions. We are the ones with a job lined up in high school; the University of Life accepted us without application.

Every marketing effort is seeking our engagement, every political party is pursuing our vote, every civic organization and government is exploiting us for funding, and every potential romantic mate is trying to land our attention. But no one represents us, because we don’t need them to, we take care of ourselves right? I, like you reading also thought this for many years of my life, but today’s age is changing.

The absence of our social and civic engagement or representation as a demographic makes us vulnerable to any of the other groups of people which are banding together to exploit us one at a time. It is becoming counterproductive to the most successful individuals to continue to go alone. We become targets for any other special interest group with an opinion that can build a following. Exploitable because of our desire to control our own destiny, and at the same time the most targeted because of our success and ability to acquire resources.

I challenge you; do not take offence to a particular view or creed you hear at Logic Central. Embrace that we, as logically minded people are exploring the world in the same way, but remain open minded to hear another view which may oppose ours in every way. Build from understanding how someone rationalizes their views and allow yourself, other community members, and the human race to have an awakening as never before in the history of the world.

We all need an online community network because alone we will be picked off one at a time. I challenge you to join our community at Logic Central Online and start taking an active role. Find the keyboard or voice record button more often and start to do what every other demographic is doing to exploit us as the successful demographic of providers. This community is designed not to insult our intellect, but to challenge everyone amongst us to become the best version of themselves. We want to have fun, yet still keep ourselves a part of the process of not caving in to mindlessness and undirected opinion triggered banter.

Spread this message and join in this community. Donate to the cause of growing collaboration for likeminded logically thinking people. Share this post with anyone that you would think would represent this community. Get the word out. Come to us with ideas for additional people to engage; content providers, logical voices for podcasts and any other ideas for growing our community. If you have a message sign up for one of our podcast to get that message out to the world. Let us take control of our destinies together.

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