CWC-99 Building your Expert Brand while in College


Today we jump straight into our topic. Two students David and Jared join the show to talk about how to create an expert brand. These two students were given an assignment by a professor to display some content for viewing online. They went a step further and took the time to make a unique video about their experience as new students at the University where they met our host. We thought having them join a show was a great way to talk to you about this newly evolving need for a virtual presence in the technology era. With social media and online content now a common place in the business world employers are using social profiles to decide who to hire and how to value employees. In this day and age Technological Era leadership has become taking control of your own image and brand on social platforms.

Hear as we discuss with our students some thoughts on how we can take control of our online presence and use university time wisely to build an Expert Brand to display to future employers.

-Thank you David and Jared for joining today

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