CWC 93 – Space Symposium Review


Logic Central recently attended the 32nd Annual Space Symposium at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. Our COO has some great incite on what he heard and experienced at the event. If you could not attend then you definately will not want to miss this.

This years theme also fit well with our focus on Socio-Tech. If you are not familiar with the Socio-Technological Revolution check out our podcast where we define this new trend.

Some of the topics you will hear include:

  • NASA priorities include Standardization of air traffic control
  • UK looks to create a robust competitive commercial space industry
  • Policymakers changing to views space as critical infrastructure
  • Germany’s focus on environmental and climate models
  • Transferring Technology from Space Sector to benefit Commercial Sector
  • How Society benefits from Space
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