Sponsorship Packages


Sponsorship packages start as low as $25 per month

Logic Central podcasts are downloaded in over 100 countries worldwide. Our listener base consist of a large number of executives and managers that are decisions-makers within their respective organizations. This reach of decision makers, coupled with the personalized nature of podcast media (which on average have a 20% marketing engagement rate)  provide an exceptional opportunity for you as a sponsor to achieve extensive awareness for your company’s products and/or services.

All Logic Central sponsorship packages include 10% investment into paid circulation boosting on social media channels. Packages for sponsorship on our podcast are priced based on the listener trends in the table below. Listener engagement shown below is related to active engagement for an average podcast.  The red line does not directly represent play time nor is a direct percentage of the amount of total listeners, but a combination of factors leading to overall attentiveness. This could effectively be described as how well the listener absorbs material over the length of a podcast.  The value of the base cost (x) is unique for each podcast depending on the number of months running time, popularity, and audience effectiveness.  You can find the base sponsorship cost for each of the Logic Central podcast at the bottom of the page below the sponsorship options.

Sponsorship Terms:

The term for our sponsorship contract runs for one promotional year which consist of 44 podcast episodes (average of 4 releases monthly). Our 10% paid circulation will include key word targeted searches where the search phrases are provided directly by the sponsor (Sponsor may choose to fund paid circulation in addition to the 10%). The power of our podcast messages and targeted search results provides an effective combination that will reach the decision makers at your client organizations with exactly the right message at the right time.

Three Sponsorship Options:

Starting with our Cyber World podcast all content will be released in both MP3 audio only downloads and in video & audio versions posted onto YouTube.  This provides options for sponsorship in audio and video forms. Sponsor can chose between the following package options.

Episode Sponsor:

This sponsor will receive the front display image (Listed as “Sponsored By”) on YouTube, on the Logic Central individual podcast episode page, and during the opening music introduction to the podcast. The sponsor image will be displayed in a large full page format with podcast logo in the corner. This option will be one per podcast and allocated on a first come first serve basis, sponsors can book as many as are available at $500 per episode. See the example in the image below.



Prime Sponsor:

This sponsor package will include an audio spot during one of the three breakpoints in the podcast designated for sponsorship as shown below. This message is usually narrated by our host, alternately the entire content can be provided by the sponsor. The video posted on YouTube will also include the same allotted time for a visual message display during the audio segment. The video on YouTube can be used to show links, products, or live video of the sponsors message. The available segments for sponsorship are:

  1. One (5x) followed by one (4x) spots at approximately the 5 minute point
  2. One (3x) followed by one (2x) spots at approximately the 15 minute point
  3. Unlimited (1x)  sponsorship spots, with a 20 message and video just before closing clip



Secondary Sponsor:

This sponsorship package is only displayed on the YouTube Channel in video format. The sponsor is given two minutes of video time to display any images, links or video messages as long as they do not distract from the podcast message. This video will be displayed while the podcast audio is running.  The available segments for sponsorship are:

  1. Two (5x) spots in the first 5 minutes of the podcast
  2. Three (4x)and three (3x) spots in the high listener engagement periods
  3. Two (2x) spots in just after the prime sponsor mid-point break
  4. The remainder podcast time is filled with (1x) spots on a first come first serve basis



Example calculation:

A Primary (3x) class sponsor for Cyber World podcast would receive a 45 second audio and video promotion spot at around the 15 minute mark in the show. The cost for this package would be $750 per month for one promotion year.

A Secondary (4x) class package for the Cyber World podcast would receive a 2 minute video only spot between the 5-10 minutes point of the show (on YouTube version only. – No audio).  The cost for this package would be $200 per month for one promotion year.

Sponsorships Base Pricing

Below, each of the base prices for the podcast can be used to determine exact sponsorship cost by multiplying them with the listed base price value.

New Cyber Frontier, Currently in 2nd year running – Sponsorship Spots Available:

  • Prime Sponsorship base price: $250
  • Secondary Sponsorship base price: $50

Coffee with Chris Podcast, Currently in the third year running – Sponsorship spots available:

  • Prime Sponsorship base price: $250
  • Secondary Sponsorship base price: $50

GovCon Pro Podcast, 6 Months Running

  • Prime Sponsorship base price: $125
  • Secondary Sponsorship base price: $30

Sponsorship across all Logic Central podcast:

  • Prime Sponsorship base price: $400
  • Secondary Sponsorship base price: $125

For more information or to purchase a sponsorship package contact us at:

Email: info@logiccentralonline.com

Phone: 727 667-8005