NCF-79 What is the DarkWeb? Monitoring for internet criminal activity with IDAgent

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Today’s show will be an awakening to many people out there. We are discussing the often unknown arena of the Dark Web. If you have never heard of this or have heard about the dark web but are unsure what that term means you will not want to miss this show. Our guests Dana Liedholm and Kevin Lancaster of IDAgent, tell us that there is no better way to find vulnerabilities then to go where the criminals are marketing digital items which they have stolen from consumers. When they find items for sale on the dark web then they know where to look for breaches and vulnerabilities.
I don’t know if this is the best approach, but it may be the most effective for the time being. Our guest tell us that often they find organizations do not even know when they have been hacked or that there network has been breached. They say that monitoring for stolen data is often the only way that many breaches are determined.
Wow, this is great information, and the fact that Dark Web monitoring can add value for customer protection is a definitely something that many organizations would benefit from exploring.
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