NCF-SR9 Legislator Focuses on Using BlockChain for Cutting Edge Governance Programs


Todays show is one of my favorites in a long time. We talk about efforts that are near and dear to me in my own research on Blockchain. Colorado State Senator and Vice Chairman of Colorado Joint Budget Committee give us a sneak peak of thing in store for the future of government. Using BlockChain for Governance of social programs is the next sensible step for governments around the world. When systems like state medical care are leaking hundreds of millions of dollars a year, we can definitely see the value of a Cryptocurrency type application which would track accountability for all expenditures.  
If we could recover that amount loss from one state program, what could we do if the State implemented all social programs using blockchain. Senator Lambert tells how Colorado is looking to be the first state to lead the way in this new era.
You will not want to miss this show.
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