What is Logic Central Online about? We are a community of mindful people who value thinking. There are many communities for almost every personality type, however few are geared toward the demographic of this silent majority; those people you don’t hear much from because they passively gain and seek knowledge throughout their lives. We don’t believe we have all the answers and thus do not need to push our thoughts on others. Ask us, and we will share what we do have. Respect us, and we will be lifelong friends.

With the growing age of technology, a larger and larger portion of the population is moving into fields that require deep, contemplative, and systematic thinkers. Because of this a new paradigm, a new set of skills is becoming predominant. We are learning to navigate the virtual-logical world at earlier ages than ever before, and it is rewiring the way our brains work. Compared to just a generation ago the average new member of society is much more in tune with the logical sequences required for interfacing with computing devices.

Our voice is often missing from society, because we spend our lives focusing our effort in areas where we feel we can make an impact. We are the next generation of human traits taking over the future. We comprise the world’s largest, most successful companies; both as valued employees, and equity owners. We are the top percentage of earners in the corporate world, but often the quiet group that enjoys the world without need for material possessions.

At Logic Central we want to support the new mindset of people who seek objective, neutral, and candid information. Our promise is to produce content which is absent political, propagandized, and/or biased opinions. We commit to our community members that if you see something on our site or in our podcast that does not fit this creed, please bring it to our attention and it will be addressed.

We oppose messages that feed on our subconscious, emotional, or biological triggers. We commit to not having messages or advertising geared toward causing our community members to react involuntarily by triggering scarcity. We commit to programing and content that does not insult our members’ intellects. We want to have fun, yet still keep ourselves a part of the process of not caving in to mindlessness and undirected opinion triggered banter.

Also keep in mind that this commitment means that we are always in search of new ideas and content to continuously build our body of knowledge; further developing our practice of Life engineering. We are growing, and looking for more voices. If you know someone who fits the category of the neutral, non-opinionated analysis of topics; bring them to our attention. We are seeking new podcast voices and content providers that would be culturally, politically, spiritually, and interpersonally unbiased. People who can break down and remove the bias and the cloud of opinion in order to give rational advice.

Join us, and help build this community of rational approaches to self-improvement and self-awareness. If you have a logical understanding of how some aspect of life works; share it with us. Send us your content, comment on our posts and podcasts. We are opening this platform up to you, your thoughts, and your questions. Let us know the areas in life where logical advice and understanding are lacking, and let’s see if we can explore them together.

We have a lot of plans for the future of logic central. If you dare take Sneek Peak at our growth plan.

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