I4GovCon 15 – The Thunderdome Initiative


If you are interested in learning about the i4 GovCon community and want to meet others with like minded goals about networking and moving business forward more efficiently the i4GovCon Summit coming up on March 24th in Tampa is the place to be.

SOCOM is leading the initiative called Thunderdome.

It is about bringing together the best and local talent from academic institutions and business to work together to rapidly turn ideas into prototypes by pulling all the pockets of vast knowledge together as one.

Jenny tells us what it is all about and where it started. She talks about the local and regional areas and how they can contribute.

Also she covers:

  • What methods the Thunderdome initiative encourages to get these ideas moving
  • What can businesses and communities do to participate
  • How does Florida fit in when it comes to aerospace and defense
  • How the i4GovCon Summit is aligned with the Thunnderdome Initiative

Also, be sure to stop by the I4GovCon Summit site

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