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Episodes of MPIAWS:

MPWS – 13 Equality in Islam (Part 1)
MPWS 12 – Inter-Racial Marriages: A Big Deal or Not?
MPWS 11 – Using Islamic Art to Combat Terrorism
MPWS-10 Role of Jesus in Islam
MPWS-9 Finding Harmony Between Religions With Karthik Krishna
MPWS-8 Paris Attacks: A Condemnation from the Hindu and Muslim Perspectives
MPWS-7 Why a Niqab isn’t the same as a Hijab
MPWS-6 The Lessons of Courage That Imam Hussein Taught Us All
MPWS-5 A Reply to the Anti-Islam Rally of Jon Ritzheimer
MPWS-4 The Difference Between Men and Women: Equity Not Equality
MPWS-3 The Difference between Islamic Culture and Muslim Religion
MPWS-2 – Meet The Hamdar Family
MPWS-1 – Khadija Hamdar: Bridging the East/West Cultural Divide

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