Team Bios


Christopher Gorog – Chief Executive Officer & Founder

ChrisBlogImageHello I am the founder and primary author at Logic Central online. I have a background in Engineering and Corporate business but that is only part of the reason you find me here today. I was born into a blue collar community and was a very motivated individual with not much guidance as to how to better myself other than to “just work harder than everyone around me”. So as a young person I set out determined to, out-work everyone and become a success in life. After 80+ hour workweeks for nearly 20 years lead me to a heart attack at an early age, I realized that unguided brute force of work applied at random is not the secret of success. At this re-evaluation time I reach for meaning of life and sought how I could have been more effective. In my process of assessing life I compared the things I had done that made me successful and also the more embarrassing things which may have been not so effective. My assessment of my own life lead me to write the book “Inner Logic – Engineering Your Life”, which I refer to as a guide to the things I wish I had known early in life, which would have made me more effective. My passion in life is to pass this information along to the next generation so that they can be more effective in their own lives.


Dr. Michael Matthew – Board Member & Advisor for University Relations

Dr. Matthew Pic [409343]Dr. Matthew earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Argosy University, in 2014. In addition, he earned his School Administration and Supervision Certificate from Johns Hopkins University, and Masters of Science in Education and Bachelor of Arts from Central Connecticut State University. His current book entitled, “Attitudes of Teachers toward Professional Development: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Public School District II,” explores the significant differences in attitudes toward professional development among lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and secondary teachers in public schools. The question of openmindedness, receptivity to new ideas, and the ability to impact positively academic performance are central to Dr. Matthew’s research.

Dr. Matthew held positions as a General Education Academic Chair for Brown Mackie College Miami, Director of Admissions for Kaplan University, Assistant Principal for Montgomery County Public Schools – MD, Bilingual School Director for the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, and has worked as an educational consultant and coach for a number of educational organizations. In addition, he has worked as a teacher on a variety of grade levels for both public and private schools.

His philosophical goal of education is to prepare global minded students by developing key leadership attributes in order to promote peace and respect for the world’s diversity.


Brandon Fisher – Content Provider

BrandonBizCardHello I am the face behind many of the things that you see done here at Logic Central. You will be hearing more from me shortly as I begin my own podcast “A Modern Man”s Right of Passage”. It will focus on how young men can find a way to grow and be comfortable being a male in the modern age.


Karthik-3 (2)Karthik Krishna – Content Provider

One of the most fun endeavors of my life was co-building a hub for entrepreneurs in the heart of Silicon Valley and hosting professionals from Italy, Poland, France, Singapore, India, China, England and Russia.

Before I began my entrepreneurial “adventures,” I worked at a manufacturing plant and was involved in research, development and production stages of metal cutting tools; I worked together with internationally recognized research institutes (from Sweden and Israel in particular) with a focus on development of advance energy programs; I was a member of the Advanced Technology Development team at Colorado Springs Utilities; and I was an active member of a US federal government funded panel created to accelerate energy grid modernization in North Amerca.

I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and another in Business Administration; both received from Michigan Technological University. My education and experiences in manufacturing, energy and hospitality have given me the technical and professional skillsets necessary to navigate through today’s complex global business environments.

…AND my love for dancing helps me maintain a balanced perspective on work and life.


Khadija Hamdar – Podcaster

ed0520125917My name is Khadija Bazzi-Hamdar. I am 23 years old and I just recently moved to Tampa from Windsor, Canada. I was born and raised in Windsor; however, my family originates from Lebanon. I fluently speak English and Arabic with Arabic being my first language. I am the oldest of three children and I am the only daughter. I graduated from the University of Windsor in June of 2014 with a double major in Psychology and Disability Studies. I chose Psychology because I am intrigued by the human mind, thus how we act and react in our everyday experiences. I was born into a religious family practicing the religion of Islam. As I matured into my teenage and early adulthood years, I realized that Islam was the most logical and correct religion to me, and thus I identify as a Shia Muslim. I am also a hijabi; I chose to wear a hijab or scarf at the age of 9 years old, and I have been wearing it since then. It is the most precious thing in my life and as you will find out later in my podcast, it encompasses many different aspects of my social and physical self. I chose to start this podcast because the media has been focusing a lot on Islam due to recent ISIS procedures over in the Middle East. It is key to understand the difference between the fundamentalist version of Islam, and what is practiced by the 1.57 billion muslims in the world today. This podcast seeks to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims and hopefully shed some light on what are the similarities and differences between the eastern and western mentalities on culture and religion.

Pete Blum – Podcaster
petePete Blum is the CIO of Solvability and the co host of the i4GovCon podcast. Pete focuses on education and training, technology trends and cost saving solutions for small businesses, and the challenges veterans face transitioning from active duty to a civilian career. He has 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry as an enterprise applications administrator, release manager, trainer, and project manager.
After serving eleven honorable years in the military providing logistics, management, and IT support Pete transitioned from being a United States Marine to an Information Technology Professional and Leader. As a veteran Pete is interested in assisting transitioning military personnel on their journey to find civilian jobs and showing small businesses innovative ways to maximize their businesses performance.

Jenny Clark – Podcaster


Jenny Clark is the CEO of Solvability and the creator of the i4GovCon podcast. Focusing on DCAA Compliance training and consulting for small businesses in the aerospace and defense industry, Jenny has over 30 years of experience working with clients for accounting, cost accounting and government contracting.
Throughout her career, Jenny has been an active networker, event organizer and speaker. She created her own conference series, Rocket City GovCon Conference in 1998 which continued through 2014 as the premier networking event for federal contracting professionals, attracting participants from all over the Southeast. Jenny will be hosting the I-4 GovCon Summit in March 2016 to continue this tradition. She is a sought-after speaker on topics related to government contracting, indirect rates, cost accounting, networking and LinkedIn marketing to a variety of groups and wants to share this knowledge with her podcast listeners.