Divorce Recovery For Men


Men are often the most under represented demographic and rarely have a support group to turn to after a divorce. Come learn the ins and outs of how to get your life back on track and be more successful than you ever were before your life change. Learn the Life-Logic method for re-establishing your life’s direction from author and speaker Christopher Gorog. At the same time gain a support group of men experiencing similar issues that will relate to your situation. This is a positive environment that will change the course of your life forever while also creating lifelong friendships.


Life-Logic is a rational approach to recreating yourself and your life. We will give you the tools for success no matter what you decide to pursue. So often advice given to men in divorce situations only fosters a negative environment which lowers self esteem even further. We don’t need to be humiliated, but empowered. If you know someone else that is going through a divorce, bring them with you to this seminar.



“I have spent over $110,000 dollars in legal fees and court expenses in the last decade since my divorce. The information in this session would have saved me at least half of that expense”   –Anonymous Educated Individual

“I have an entirely new approach to choosing a person to date as a result of your human dynamics and thought length training session”   –Mike

“Now I know that it was not just me entirely failing at life, but that I could finally understand where I went wrong and how to start over. I was able to feel positive and quit blaming myself continuously”   –Will

After taking the seminar  – “I realized last week that she is not that attractive to me anymore, it must be her personality”  –Ron

Come out and let us support you in starting the best phase of your life. What you can expect to learn during this workshop.

  • Learning a logical approach to human dynamics that will resolve most communication breakdowns
  • Setting up a respectable plan for personal recovery
  • Exploring rational approaches to controlling your own emotions
  • Understanding life-cycles and how success is achievable
  • Establishing a Life Path to creating the best phase of your life
  • Learning rational approaches to overcome traumatic life events
  • Establishing processes that lead to success
  • Overcoming mental blocks in order to accomplish things we formerly believed were impossible
  • Understanding legal issues and courtroom divorce proceedings
  • Dating in the modern age of technology
  • Self-evaluation, Social Interaction, and setting our own expectations

What does the workshop include:

  1. Two days of seminar time in a private setting.
  2. Includes 12+ hours of training time with countless additional hours of self paced material.
  3. Breakfast and lunch included both days.
  4. (Optional) 60 Minute massage sessions available by onsite Therapist (must reserve sessions at checkout).

Seminar Material:

  • Life-Logic Training Workbook
  • Life-Logic Exercise book
  • Hard Copy of the book “Inner Logic Engineering Your Life”
  • Twenty (20)+ hours of home use audio & video support material
  • Access to Online Private Support Group
  • Two (2) hours of individual support coaching

Attend an in person local divorce recovery for men seminar:   Colorado Springs Seminar