Next Generation Education


The logic Central Leadership program was initially intended for college age students addressing their life direction. However after working with several High School students we have been amazed at how much they were able to grasp and take from the life-logic concepts. We have seen that children at these ages are reaching out for resolve to what they see around and may be at the most eager stages of their lives for learning self-empowerment knowledge.

After seeing the impact on our first group, we are excited to begin to share our leadership and life-logic program with Teenage students. This program is a great resource for empowering our children in the modern age of reason where children are becoming more adept at interfacing with computing devices at early ages. We believe it takes an understanding of how the next generation views the world to be able to bridge the gap between the new tech savvy generations and the more intuitive natured previous generations.

School Districts which are interested in empowering children to understand themselves and establish the groundwork knowledge of what makes up human driving forces, are encouraged to contact Logic Central at: We would love to begin discussions about how we can make the next generation the most successful version they can be.