NCF 94 Securing IOT in the Technology Landscape where everything is either Cloud or Edge Devices


Today’s show is about Internet of Things (IoT) and security of billions of consumer devices. We have many diverse and distributed mobile technologies, but today’s IoT models are focused on many different products to secure individual silos. Our guest Babak Pasdar is an ethical hacker, a globally-recognized expert in Cyber-Security, the Cloud, and Crypto-currency, and the CEO and CTO of Acreto. As the current technology landscape moves to everything being either Cloud or edge Devices, new challenges arrive. Babak exponds on the challenges to IoT devices such as cloud security, virtual security, and cyber physical IOT devices, that completely neutralize current security model. As many different products become available for IoT security how will we address the complexity of cloud and virtual environments? How will this landscape affect the organizations financially? Our guest gives his thought on this new model for security for IoT which will have the ability to deliver uniform and consistent security for distributed and diverse technology. This all sounds very experimental but we hope that you get some insight from his approach to IoT problems.
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