NCF-02 Introducing the First Season of New Cyber Frontier Guests


Welcome back, we are excited to give you a sample of the guests for Season 1. This episode is about our list of guests. Listen to a sample clip of each guest with an introduction to their specific interest in Cyber Security, Economic Development, Industry advancement, and/or local jobs. I hope you are as excited as we are about the prospects in the cyber security industry that you will hear about in today’s podcast.

In all my years working in the cyber industry, I have never seen this many non-technical people getting behind an effort to improve this industry.
-Chris Gorog
We hope you enjoy our list of guest:

  • John Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of Colorado
  • John Suthers, Mayor of Colorado Springs
  • Gen. Ed Anderson, NCIC Executive Director
  • Jay Lindell, Colorado OEDIT
  • Pam Shockley, NCIC BOD & Chancellor UCCS
  • Rebecca Chopp, Chancellor, University of Denver
  • Martin Wood, NCIC BOD & Vice Chancellor UCCS
  • Douglas Depeppe, Founder Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI)
  • David Powell, CRI BOD, Founder Cyber Maryland
  • Erfan Ibrahim, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Director of Cyber Physical System
  • JB Holston, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Denver
  • Michael Semmens, Chairman of Western Cyber Exchange (WCX)
  • Ric Denton, CEO Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners
  • Robert Lally, CRI BOD, former Deputy Director NORTHCOM
  • Bruce Parkman, CEO MainNearve
  • Jane Ginn, CRI BOD, CEO Cyber Threat Intelligence Network
  • Kathy Boe, CEO Boecore Corporation
  • Cindy Thornburg, Chairman of Information Systems Security Association
  • Dawn Roth Lindell, CIO Western Area Power Administration
  • Chuck Brooks, CRI BOD, Former DHS, BOD Gates foundation
  • Roger Hill, CTO Veracity Security Intelligence, Former CTO Siemens.
  • Jeff Bardin, CEO Treadstone 71.
  • Brian Spiess, CEO Spiess Financial.
  • Wallace Pond, Author, Former President of Colorado Technical University
  • Holly Rollins, Principal Booz Allen Hamilton, Denver
  • Gib Sorebo, Chief Cyber Technologist, Leidos
  • Andy Merritt, Chief Defense Industry Officer, Colorado Springs RBA
  • Randy Ramos, Threat Intelligence operative Sports ISAO
  • BG Michael Willis, Colorado National Guard Cyber Force
  • Justin Searle, Managing Partner at UtiliSec
  • Steven Luber, Millennial Intern Sports ISAO
  • Christopher Murphy, CEO Cyber Safety Harbor
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Welcome to the New Cyber Frontier: Bringing you the latest news on the Cyber Security and initiatives that focus on development of the Cyber Security economics. Hear about developments which impact and affect both the local Colorado efforts and the entire virtual world.

You don’t have to be a computer or cyber security expert to get plugged in, Our New Cyber Frontier host Chris Gorog bring it straightforward, asks the tough questions, and brings the cyber world to a level of understand for everyone.

Chris’s personable approach gets our guest to open up, on the issues we all would like to see address.

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