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Our Life-Logic Corporate Community Package is geared towards technical people in the current and future workforce. The best performing companies have learned that employees are most valuable aspect of their businesses. A small investment in employee wellbeing can make a big difference. LCO’s Life-Logic Corporate Community Package offers a partnership that will have a lasting impact in countless employees’ lives; not only at work, but in their personal and social lives as well.

Team building and refocusing for employees make a great impact on their productivity. Our program at LCO exists because all of our competitors for corporate community programs have a common thread. They are designed for, and resonate with non STEM personality types  and our most technically capable employees often do not engage in such programs. Here at LCO our Life-Logic Corporate Community Package is designed for those engineering types, we take a systematic approach for team building, motivation, and employee efficiency.

Our mission is to engage your most technical employees with self-empowerment and leadership specifically aligned to their personality. Our program takes a rational, metric driven approach to each of these Life-Logic balance areas.


Employee Physical and Mental Efficiency


Many programs offer training on physical fitness but we offer a combination unlike any other that helps you build and maintain a high level of physical and mental efficiency. Our program includes improving productivity by systematic alignment of biorhythms to tasks, optimal integration of fitness activities in your weekly schedule, and techniques for dietary control. Based on our cutting edge Though Length Hierarchy approach, we will help you improve your cognitive ability like an athlete deliberately builds muscular strength and endurance that matches the desired sport.


Corporate Workplace and Culture design


We provide the foundation for the design of your workplace based on factors such as employee bio-physical alignment with their cognitive and physical work actions; as well as the optimization of ambient workplace stimuli such as daylight, energy level, audible sounds, and other sensory stimulation. Our program will also help you develop a culture that excels when dealing with organizational and cultural diversity – an increasingly important trait in today’s globalized workplace.


Employee Satisfaction/ Motivation


Having a sense of purpose and sustained motivation are essential ingredients for a high performing and globally competitive workforce. Our program not only addresses these topics but also includes training on enjoying the process. We offer a systematic approach towards meeting human needs for accomplishment, work satisfaction, and creating a mindset for process enjoyment. Successful completion of tasks is important, but also important is the ability to make smooth transitions between various tasks. This is an area where people face most difficulty and we specifically address this issue.


Team Building


In today’s dynamic global workplace, not only do professionals have to work together as a team to overcome individual deficiencies, they have to do so rapidly and with frequently changing teams. Building a well functioning team also requires the bridging of generational gaps in working styles, attitudes, and self-motivations. Our team building knowledge base and exercises will help train employees to be most productive when working with diverse teams.


Work Life Balance


We are not one of those that suggest that constantly working 80-100 hours a week is the way to achieve success in life. On the contrary, our suggested approach is to be efficient and result-oriented at work, have a focus on personal life management, and maintain a good level of social involvement in your community. We bring with us globally recognized expertise in project management and change management that can be applied to work and personal life transitions. Through our program, we will help you achieve that perfect balance between work and life.


What does the Life-Logic Corporate Community Package include; and what steps can you expect to see implemented at your company?

First of all, our process is geared towards enabling your organization to continue the practices we teach, eventually being implemented by your own employees. As with any new program, we first go through an initial training phase in which we bring in a Certified Life-Logic Trainer to present the Life-Logic concepts to your employees.  These workshops can be done in any size groups, and alternately, we can certify people on your staff as Life-Logic Trainers to perform the training sessions in-house. All supporting material is available at per seat discount rates to Corporate Community Package clients.

canstockphoto19153016In the second phase, we perform assessments for human compatibility and optimal work environments using the Life-Logic principles for compatability. As part of this assessment, we train your own people to continuously be aware of key parameters and metrics. Recommendations from this assessment will be provided to you in order to support your own internal processes for optimization and future employee assessments.

  • Recommendations for environmental improvements
  • Identification of problem areas based upon Thought Length and other Human dynamic assessments
  • Provide suggestions for program metrics which are known to produce optimal interaction in environments over time

The final stage is optimizes employee contribution. We use Life-Logic tools on an individual basis to empower each employee to take control over their own life. This is a continuous evaluation stage in which we empower individuals by teaching key optimization areas. Each optimization process is followed by implementing an improvement process and metric. This stage becomes a process where employees set up or adjust metrics in order to achieve a desired balance as often as required. Exercises that employees will participate in include; Logic pattern identification processes, average thought length assessment, thinking styles, and personality typing tests.

The ultimate objective by the end of this three stage process is to train and enable the internal HR team to take control of the continued process of implementing Life-Logic principles.


My organization, which consisted mostly of engineers, was very disengaged. The Life-Logic program is the only one I have ever seen that was designed for STEM personality types. I have never seen any other product that would be effective at improving the entire team’s effectiveness.

  • HR General Manager CSU


I have been integrate the your teaching into my admissions presentations when talking to prospective students and response has been good.  People are really craving this, especially when I speak to people who have recently made, or about to make, or want to make a big life event change.  

  • Ron Wellman CTU


What to expect during the onsite presentation phase:

LCO will schedule a Certified Life-Logic Trainer at your company to implement live Life-Logic Workshops customized to your organization. These workshops build on the concepts from the book “Inner Logic – Engineering Your Life”. Each trainer adds their own unique outlook from their life experiences, as well as many corporate experiences from the collective LCO body of knowledge. Along with optimizing the five balance areas detailed above, this training phase is designed to help support group dynamics while also providing learning methods to positively design their own life path. The empowerment each employee will receive will help make the overall organization more effective and enable each employee to engineer the best version of themselves.

We will cover the following topics and more:

  • Understanding life-cycles and how success is reproducibleLifeLogicWkshp
  • How people perceive time and life phases
  • Evaluating the self-defining flaws which create our personality
  • Overcoming mental blocks, and optimizing human logic and thought patterns
  • Adjusting mindset using the lengths of our thoughts
  • Determining a path for your life
  • Establishing processes that lead us to success
  • Enjoying the steps on our path to success
  • Thriving in the low points of our lives
  • Optimizing yourself using Life-Engineering tools

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