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Creating The Next Generation of Conscious Leaders

Logic Central Online is proud to support the Conscious World Foundation in their creation of Conscious World Day! Conscious World Day (#CWDAY2016) is a day dedicated to helping develop youth around the globe to become the next generation of conscious leaders. Founded by J.V. Crum III, it’s mission is to create a significant upward shift Read More


Violence Breaks Your Brain.

We are thrilled to tell you guys that Chris has been featured on Stefan Molyneux’s show, Freedomain Radio!   Chris and Stefan discussed Logical Thought Stoppers with the question, “Raising children with violence actually releases chemicals causing apoptotic cell death in the active areas of the brain during violent incidents, similar to forming a logic Read More


“I don’t need a social network”

Now a ’days it seems that a social network exists for everything. Is everyone so incompetent that they can’t seem to get it right without soliciting opinions and input from everyone else in the world? What about us competent, systematic people who just figure it out on our own? We can find the information when Read More