Writing Business Proposals – Things I Wish I Knew


Month  Date(#)st Date (Year)

Name of Proposal Receiver

Title of Proposal Receiver

Place of Proposal Receiver’s Business

City, State Initials Zip Code
Tel: ###.###.####

Dear (Proposal Receiver),

(Your Business) (“XX,LLC” or “we” or “our”) is pleased to submit this engagement letter to the (Proposal Business) (Business Initials). This proposal is in response to our conversation on (DATE) in which we covered the topic of assistance for (Business Initials) proposal covers the areas of which (Your Business) – Here you will fill in how you will assist the Decision Maker’s Company.


You will now outline exactly how your company will be helping the Decision Maker’s company as briefly and specifically as possible.


(Your Business) will provide support defined in the work breakdown below and expect the engagement time for the scope of this work to persist for X (X) months as shown in the schedule section. The engagement will consist of X (X) categories of tasks which will be (Fill in exactly what you will provide).


In this section, you will again fill in the products/services you will provide and then later go into specific details about each aspect of each. – (Your Business) desires to our clients to have the best (your product or service) and also to showcase the value that we bring as a partner. We want to do all we can to make (Proposal Business) a success, and will offer the following additional support as part of our extended support scope option:

  1. Extended Support Product/Service 1 – Details
  2. Extended Support Product/Service 2 – Details
  3. So on – Details
  4. And so forth – Details

The following is the work breakdown for the scope of work requested by (Proposal Business).

Proposal Product/Service 1

  1. Specific Aspect of Product/Service
  • Details
    • Expert (Service) – (Hours Required)
    • Administrative (Service details) – (Hours Required)
  • More Details, if needed
    • (Services Provided) – (Hours Required)

So On and So Forth

  • Same deal as above

 Work effort breakdown totals

1) Base Service

Expert Hours = (X hours)

Technical Editor Hours = (X hours)

Administrative Hours = (X hours)


2) Service Option 2 with Extra Support

Expert Hours = (X hours)

Technical Editor Hours = (X hours)

Administrative Hours = (X hours)


Proposal Service 2

  1. Specific Detail
  • Breakdown specific tasks
    • Task details and hours
  • More tasks and hours


  1. Extended Support
  • Extended support details
    • Specific task details and hours

Work Effort Breakdown

1) Base Service 2

Expert Hours = (X hours)

Technical Editor Hours = (X hours)

Administrative Hours = (X hours)


2) Service 2 with Extended Support

Expert Hours = (X hours)

Technical Editor Hours = (X hours)

Administrative Hours = (X hours)


The following are the base deliverable(s) (Your Business) will create for (Proposal Business)

  • Succinct summary of Deliverables

Extended support Deliverables

The following are the optional deliverable(s) (Your Business) would create for (Proposal Business) with the selection of extended scope:

  1. Succinct summary of Extended Deliverables


(Proposal Business) will be provided the opportunity to review and provide input prior to finalizing deliverables.

Written deliverables will be subject to the following deliverable acceptance process:

Deliverable Acceptance Process

When (Your Business) delivers a final written deliverable to (Proposal Business), (Proposal Business) will have the opportunity to review it for an acceptance period of five (5) business days (the “Written Deliverable Acceptance Period”).



The estimated start date for this project is (Date). Any delays to the start date may conflict with scheduled items beyond the anticipated timeline. The following timeline is suggested by (Your Business).


Blog Post Timeling

The scheduled effort is expected to span a/n (X) month period as shown above. Any deviations from this timeline will be expressed to (Proposal Business) as soon as (Your Business) is aware of needs to readjust.



The following professionals will be supporting the execution of this engagement.

  • Professionals and their qualifications.

(Your Business) reserves the right to use alternates and add additional personnel to staff this engagement depending upon the specific timeframe for the project effort.


(Your Business) will provide services remotely however pre-arranged onsite visits will be made throughout the project to align with client’s needs and expectations.



(Your Business) will provide services for the scope of this project on a fixed price basis.  Professional services fees will be billed with the first 40% to be paid upon acceptance of this agreement. The remaining balance will be billed to (Proposal Business) in (X) payments at the end of (X) month(s) and the end of the contract when all (products) have been accepted by (Proposal Business). If travel is requested during this engagement, all travel expenses will be drawn from the travel budget.


We propose to base the project services to (Proposal Business) at the following hourly bill rates:

Level Rate per Hour
Owner, Industry Expert X
Specialized Experts X
Technical Editor X
Administrative X


Option One – Product/Service: Cost Breakdown

Based on the timeframe, tasking, and skillsets needed for the deliverable; the following breakdown was used to determine the expected cost for the project.

Here it is best to build a table depicting the People you will have working on the project, their title and role, the hours of each, the rate of each, and the fees; providing a total at the bottom.

Proposal Business Accepts Option One               Signature __________________


Option Two Product/Service with Extended Support Cost Breakdown

This breakdown was based on the option one content with the addition of the extended support items.

Here you will provide the same as above, but with the extra hours and fees.

Proposal Business Accepts Option Two              Signature __________________


Payment should be made to:

Your Business

Business Address

City, State Initials Zip Code



(Proposal Business) Responsibilities:

Provide another table depicting the Proposal Business’s role, responsibilities, and the Proposal Business’s estimated time to complete the assumed responsibilities.

  • (Proposal Business) will provide a timely response (within two business days unless otherwise agreed upon) to (Your Business) questions, scope decision, and requests for information.


  • This is where you will bullet the Proposal Business’s responsibilities during the project along with any liabilities. We often cover what we are not liable for during the project duration.


We look forward to working with you on this important engagement.  Please call (Project Leader) at (xxx) xxx-xxxx should you have any questions. Please sign below to accept the terms of this proposal.


The terms of this Proposal are agreed to by:

(Your Business)




(Proposal Business)