The 3 Questions You MUST Answer to Get What You Want out of Life


This article is designed to take you through the process of introspective questions you must ask yourself in order to achieve what you want out of life. You can take these three questions and apply them to whatever situation you can desire in life, and they will help guide your path.

The example in this outline is directly from a mentoring call I had had with a friend of mine just last week. He had called me to talk about some girl problems he was having lately, and we had a discussion about whether or not he was looking in any of the right places. He hadn’t taken the time to define exactly what he was looking for, and he didn’t know where that girl would even be; we simply stereotyped his ideal woman in order to go looking for her.

The Introspective Questions that will Guide Your Searches in Life

  • What is she about?

What drives this woman? What causes does she live for and what does she do to feel alive? Does she help people? Does she teach? Will she be a career-focused go getter who focuses much of her time on her work?

What character does this ideal woman have?

What does this girl do? Is she a working girl, or maybe she goes to university, or she’s in high school with you.

  • Where is she?

Building further on what is she about, where will you find this girl? Are you even looking in the right places?

You’re not going to find an aspiring stay at home mother at crazy frat parties in university. Conversely, you won’t find any girls to just hang out and go on dates with working as caretakers at a pre-school.

Your ideal girl can be reliably stereotyped. Figure out where the stereotype spends their time, and go hunting there.

For instance, one of my mentees began dating a girl from the fast food chain he worked at. He was looking for a, “good girl”, a future stay at home mom with similar Christian values. Needless to say, they didn’t work out quite so well. I had advised him to begin playing intramural sports and talking to girls in school clubs.

  • What does she want in YOU?

Will she want a whiny baby man, looking to replace his mom? Or will she want somebody who has their life handled and knows how to create adventure? Will she want to go for the stable dad-bod, or the Greek God? Does she want a man who firmly owns himself, or breaks his bearing at every distraction?

In order to have a the ideal, you must first be the ideal.



Now, you can take this simple process that I’ve outlined about finding an ideal partner and easily apply it to any goal you have.

Lets take a business position, for example.

  • Where is it?

Where in the world will I have the highest chance of success for this business?

If you are starting a small tech startup, you will undoubtedly want to move to San Francisco. The contacts you would make in that one town would be invaluable.

  • What is it about?

I so often see my peers rushing off to university with no actual idea of what they want to do. They go simply because everyone else is. If you take the time to find out all of the specific details about how a certain goal or lifestyle or partner ticks, you will be lightyears ahead of the competition. Knowing what you want, and what it entails will help you guide your decisions about what you do and how you will shape yourself until you eventually arrive at your destination.

  • What does it want of ME?

The ties directly into the last question. Knowing what your ideal whatever requires, what makes it work, will help you shape yourself into the perfect individual to fit the position.

Once again, to have the ideal, you must be the ideal.

Be well friends