How to Build Meaningful Friendships


There’s an old quote that goes, “Blood is thicker than water.”

What the hell is water?

The real quote is, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

The family that you choose throughout your life, not the family you happen to be born into, is the family that will be there for you in your darkest times. The brothers and sisters you pick up along your journey will be held together through a bond of camaraderie stronger than any glue imaginable.

How to we find and build these relationships though?

Friendship is forged through shared experience.

The most efficient way to find people to join your tribe is to join a group, sport, or club.

Naturally, you will gravitate towards a few people in the group that you like most. – Simply spend time with them during the club meetings. Get to know them.

Once you know these people, invite them to something else you’re doing, just like in the dating video. This gives you the authority of leadership, and it provides an easy transition to the friendship mindset instead of the group mindset.

During that time, focus on create memories. Focus entirely on making fun and getting to know them more in depth. Ask them about their dreams, their fears, what drives them and what makes them feel alive.

These memories solidify the foundation of friendship, which can be built upon later by simply, “hanging out”.

This will also contribute to developing yourself. Choose something you want to be better at, and surround yourself with people that are better than you in this area. Like equilibrium, being around them will naturally bring you to their level. Through giving you and example to work towards, great advice, and encouragement.

“A real friend will push you to become the best you can be; and if they find themselves lacking in the endeavor, they will embark on the experience with you.” – u/Asoka11111

Notice People

Taking the time to give a genuinely heartfelt compliment about something specific I appreciate about a person has earned me some of the most loyal friends I have to date.

When giving a good compliment, don’t comment on something about a person. Compliment something they have DONE. Compliment their good style, or a skill they’ve worked hard to develop.

These compliments naturally turn into conversations about what you had complimented; which can easily be turned into a follow up adventure in town.

Be Kind

Kind people give to others, especially their friends, out of nothing but love. No expectations.

Friends provide for each other. There is no keeping track of who gives what to who. If you are a friend of mine, I will always have your back as much as I am able.

Giving to your friends almost always ensures that if you are in need, they will have your back as well.

Go Conquer, my friends

– B

  • someplace beautiful

    I watched this and started thinking of some of my friends. Though i agree with you completely, i still feel that you shouldn’t just have to base relationships on shared experiences. I have some friends that i have almost nothing in common with, we have lived completely different lives but yet i’ve learned a lot from them and have based my new life goals off of the things they have told me and have done with me. So yes you are right on most levels but i would have to say that i feel all relationships, short ones and long ones, matter. No matter if they are with you through thick or thin or not. Every relationship has an experience that is worth taking.