7 Steps to Finding Your Vision or Path in Life – Part 7


7 Steps to Finding Your Vision or Path in Life - Part 7

What Situations Make Me Feel Alive?

Many people forget about taking care of themselves. We progress through adulthood forgetting that we learned as children to just have some fun. Since enjoyment is one of the pivotal areas to fulfilling human success, and we often forget to plan for enjoyable things, I have placed it as a primary process in setting up a life path. Resetting the clock on our own motivation begins with identifying what makes us do so – what makes us feel alive.

The situations that make us feel alive are those which we need to use as a break from working hard. Many of us may actually get this feeling from work tasks; such as feeling accomplished, solving a difficult problem, or making people feel good on the job. Look over this list and think or expand on it to add the things that make you feel alive.


Fulfillment is something that we all need. Nevertheless, most of us do not take the time to understand what this does for us, or we deliberately prevent ourselves from understanding. In many situations, we have convinced ourselves that the denial of self is what our communities expect of us. To deny ourselves the situations that make us feel alive renders us imbalanced and volatile. Taking control and engineering success means gaining a level of honesty about what we need for our own stability and human needs.

Though this is the last of this series, it is only a small sample of some of the basic concepts of the life engineering process. We will continue to bring more insight and content but encourage you to contribute and let us know what you do to reset the clock on your own motivation. What situations make you feel alive? What do you want others to support you on? How can our community support your life design efforts?

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