New Cyber Frontier – Making an Impact

This is not only an exciting time for us at Logic Central but also a great time for the world of cyber security in general. The Governor of the state of Colorado is funding an economic development effort to support cyber security as a primary industry focus and has begun the development of a National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs, Read More

Living On Purpose in 2016

Living ON Purpose in 2016

  There is a plague infecting our society at it’s roots; and I’m going to give you the cure. The average person in the world today is nothing more than a zombie. Yeah, they may be, “alive”, but they certainly aren’t living. People are held in chains by external expectations. The well-trodden path. I have Read More


Creating The Next Generation of Conscious Leaders

Logic Central Online is proud to support the Conscious World Foundation in their creation of Conscious World Day! Conscious World Day (#CWDAY2016) is a day dedicated to helping develop youth around the globe to become the next generation of conscious leaders. Founded by J.V. Crum III, it’s mission is to create a significant upward shift Read More

Sharing our story with the Colorado Springs Community

If you want to be a part of a community that prides on itself, you have to earn your position and every inch of respect. So when an established Colorado Springs media outlet publishes an article about a startup that recently relocated and shines positive light on it, it signifies a breakthrough – hopefully, a building of a bond with the Colorado Springs Community. Read More

Be Decisive

Be Decisive

  People naturally follow those who are most decisive, and are naturally repulsed by those who aren’t.   Be decisive in what you want. From this moment on, you will never again be the guy who asks, “what do you want to go eat/do/see?” You will simply say either, “Do you want to go to Read More