New Year; New Spirit – A Year of Brotherhood in Faith


New Year: New Me

Haha, we’ve heard that a lot, right?

Christmas Image - Khadija

To begin this blog post, I would like to initially state that happy happy New Year from A Muslim Pearl in a Western Shell and from the Logic Central Online team. We wish you a very happy and blessed year:  a year to bring you closer to your goals and increase your potential.


New Year: New Me.

Sounds cheesy, I know; but why do we always wait to the new year to set goals for ourselves?

Some of us want to lose weight, want to get in shape, want to get a job promotion, or maybe even get into Med school.

So why do we wait until January of every year to start our goals? Maybe because it is a new beginning, where we simply CAN’T start a new goal without a new year. But why? Do you think its laziness? I think so…


But what about this: New Year…New Spirit?

Do we do the same thing when it comes to faith and spirituality? I ask this question to myself before you, whether you are a believer or a non-believer, do we need a new “year” to spiritually revive ourselves?

It is kind of like we have gotten used to this yearly routine where we start off strong: going to church every Sunday, praying the five daily prayers (for Muslims) on time if we pray at all, or attending our other holy temples and practicing our faith?

Are we attempting to act more kind and respectful towards others, or promoting honesty and charity between our fellow brothers and sisters?


Let’s try this together: as a new years resolution from A Muslim Pearl in a Western Shell, find a new charity from a DIFFERENT religion or culture then yours and attend their event, or donate to their cause.

We want a new year and new spirit correct? Find a new endeavor for yourself that supports a cause that makes logical sense to you, or that you find interesting; and check it out.

I will do the same.

It may be a NEW YEAR: NEW ME, but let’s try to make that slogan a little more precise to “NEW YEAR: NEW SPIRIT”.


Now that sounds a lot more jolly.