New Cyber Frontier – Making an Impact

This is not only an exciting time for us at Logic Central but also a great time for the world of cyber security in general. The Governor of the state of Colorado is funding an economic development effort to support cyber security as a primary industry focus and has begun the development of a National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs, Read More


“I don’t need a social network”

Now a ’days it seems that a social network exists for everything. Is everyone so incompetent that they can’t seem to get it right without soliciting opinions and input from everyone else in the world? What about us competent, systematic people who just figure it out on our own? We can find the information when Read More


Your Body Knows but Your Brain Doesn’t

Last night at nearly 2:00 AM, I found myself wide awake as if the bright light of morning had already arrived. After looking at my phone for the time, a disappointment which spurned anxiety shot through my body like a shot of ink dropped into a bottle of clear water. “This is going to mess Read More